I remember our first night together. It was December and cold. The perfect wearther for walking closer together. Remember the nervous laughter and sly glances at each other? We walked all over the mall together with my bestfriend and after hours of waiting and teasing and dropping hints, you finally asked me out. I remember that excited feeling filling me up and wanting to scream with joy. I had a boyfriend. 
I remember our first Valentines Day together. We met at the mall and sat on a bench together. I had no idea what to get you but I settled on this silver chain bracelet. I was bouncing up and down with nervousness and excitment tingling through me. I didn't think you would really like it but you smiled anyway and looked at me, then told me you loved it. You then handed me a small jewlrey box and told me to open it. I've never had a real boyfriend before so I've never gotten any gifts as beautiful as the one you gave me. On a very delicate silver chain hung a smaill silver heart with little crystal like stones that shimmered in the light. I was stunned by the beauty of such a small necklace. I loved it so much, I never took it off. I took so much pride in telling everyone my boyfriend gave it to me for Valentines Day.
I remember going to Homecoming my Sophomore year with you. You wanted to wear this red shirt with your suit and you already had bought it so I had to buy my dress to match you. I didn't mind really, I found the most beautiful black dress with a rhinstone pendant on one hip and black heals with a rhinestone design on the front. Neither of us could drive yet, we met at your house first for some very awkward and not so great pictures. You had this beautiful white rose corsage for the night and you had a matching white rose for your jacket. After the dance our group went to ihop and I watched you laugh and joke with your friends just thinking how lucky I was to have a boyfriend like you.
I remember our first Anniversary together. You surprised me and took me took me ice skating. I was so mad that you were better at it than me but just laughed at you when you fell. Which you didn't except like once or twice. It was so beautiful, in the middle of the rink was this giant christmas tree that lit up and changed colors. I remember holding your hand so tightly to steady myself and just staring at you and seeing you smile, I couldn't help but smiling back. That was the most amazing date I had ever been on.
I remember our first Christmas together. You invited me to a Neighborhood Christmas Party at your house and even though I was super shy and nervous I went. I begged my mom for a new haircut to go with my favorite shirt and I bought you this awesome jacket (that you refused to wear to school because someone else had the same jacket) and tons of shirts! Your mom got me my favorite perfume and a new shirt in my favorite color! She also gave me this really cute jewelry holder and I love it!!! You refused to let me open my gift from you until I had everyone's attention. FINALLY when everyone was staring at ME you let me open it. It was a black velvet ring box inside a purple (my favorite color) Christmas bag with glittered tissue paper. Inside that box was the best gift I have ever recieved in my short life!!! A small silver ring with a deep purple heart and light pink heart side by side!!! I was sooo happy and freaking out at the same time...I wanted to kiss you soo bad but then I thought crap...everyone is watching...but I couldn't stop hugging you for the rest of the night.

I remember sooo much and I hope I never forget a single moment. I can't stop loving you and no matter how much you hate me or think I'm a slut/whore/was only with you for the sex I won't stop loving you because none of that is true and you only said it to hurt me.

<3 Yours Truely, Pretty Girl <3

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