What do you want from me? What else am I supposed to do? I already had one fall through...I can't take another rejection, I can't take another your not good enough, I can't do it.


I'm not over him. I'm not over JP. I will always love him no matter what.

I'm going to the Navy, while at MEPS I met a guy named Kyle. Sweet, funny didn't-think-I'd-ever-see-him-again-Kyle. Turns out I started liking him, loving him, falling for him, then he dumps me, I feel the heartbreak all over again but I have friends, school and work to distract me.

Oh and my lovely ex-JP ;)

Well Kyle finally figured out just how amazing I am and decided he wanted me back...remember i started loving him...don't yell...sigh...I took him back.

We were good til I started keeping count in my head.
1)After the first time I visited him in Dec. I got a 500+ ticket when I drove home balling my eyes out cause of Kyle. He dumped me the next day. I take him back a week later.
2)I bought him an amazing EXPENSIVE christmas gift because I do have a good heart sometimes. He got me a damn necklace that I could have picked up at a dollar store. I hate to do this but at least JP got me a real gift...I remember cause I still love to wear it, he knows me so well LOL
3)I bought him an amazing birthday(which is Feb.6) gift that was also VERY EXPENSIVE, considering I only work a 20hr week since I'm still in school, and now on fucking VALENTINES DAY he isn't fucking sure if he wants to talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Kyle ever reads this well...Kyle your a dumbass and JP was and always will be better in bed then you! Bigger then you! Sweeter then you! Hotter then you! Made me happier then you! AND he tried to be the best boyfriend on Valentines Day no matter what we were going through! Stupid shithead.

so you might say " if he's so much better then why don't you run back to him?!
My reply "Because I don't deserve him and you don't deserve me!"

YUP. That's my not so amazing but oh-so-true comeback stupid shithead.

On a side note-if JP ever wanted me back I would be hyperventilating from that shock but also very tentive. I know for a fact he doesn't want me for anything other then a sex toy but I don't mind because of this simple truth...

no matter what happens I'll always remember and I'll always be there for him, I'll always give him anything and everything I can, I'll do whatever it takes to make him happy because when he's happy, my world is complete.
He's my soulmate and I know it but I won't ever push him like before. I'll wait a million lifetimes til he realizes I'll always be in his shadow waiting for him to love me like I do him.

I'm his PrettyGirl...Forever and Always

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