The Broken Side Of Me

We had the perfect love. He said it had just been a fling to him, but I knew he was lying. It was that pride of his again that kept him from breaking down. I could never admit it now, but no matter what he said, what the two of us had was real. It was the kind of knock-you-down-once-in-a-lifetime love that had inspired countless movies and songs and poems, the type of love so many people dreamed of finding and so few ever did. I had never been so completely in love with anyone before, and I doubted I ever would again. I'd seen forever with him and more...but fate had dealt us the worst hand possible. A perfect love at the perfectly wrong time.

If only we had met later...or under different circumstances...

I had always been a practical person. I know there is no use dwelling on what-ifs. I was bound in a tangled web of lies and sooner or later, he would move on and meet a girl who could give him everything he deserved, someone he would marry, have kids with...

The last little piece of my heart that remained intact throughout the past hour promtly shattered at the thought, the shreds pricking at my self-control until I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. Huge, silent sobs wrecked my body for the first time since I can remember, only this time the pain felt like it would last forever.

The times we'd spent together flashed through my mind movie-montage-style, and the girl who'd once swore I'd never cry over a boy...cried. I cried until it felt like every drop of moistrue in my body was escaping through my tear ducts. I cried because I'd hurt him. I cried because it kept my mind off the desperate lonliness that had invaded my body the moment he left. But most of all, I cried for what we had, what we lost, and what we could never be.

<3 Yours Truely, PrettyGirl <3

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