I Want To Join The Circus!!!!!!!!!!

I gotta say going to the circus was fun...but I really wanted Haley with me instead of Jordan...He made it really unfun for me. I paid for everything! The tickets ended up being $40 a piece plus tax. So it cost $85 dollars just for our tickets. Then, during intermission I bought our food which was $12, I bought my snow cone which I shared with him. The only thing he bought was a coke. Thats it. Then I only asked him for $30 dollars to pay for his ticket 'cause initially that's what I asked for and I didn't want to change it last minute. Oh. Oh. Then afterwards I payed for whataburger which I did owe him but damn...he didn't even ask if it was okay...I just feel kinda used... Now Im out way more money then I planned and I owe my dad $60. :( I feel used and abused now.

<3 Yours Truely, Purple Smurf<3

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