I Really Am A Good Friend And Would Put My Friends Life Before Mine....

I really do love my friends to death...admittedly I only have one or two true friends that I would drop everything for. I only give back what I recieve.

I'm sorry if it upsets Shay that I'm friends with Zach, but I would never do anything with him. She keeps going on and on about how much she'll hate me and never forgive me. I just shake my head like wow really? you think I'm so desperate for a man that I will randomly fuck your ex just because? whatever. I don't want to get with your ex okay? I love one guy and one guy only. Truthfully I don't even want another guy. I hope you know even though sometimes your a bitch and lie constantly and sometimes I can't tell if your really living the life you want...I won't intentionally hurt you.

Throughout my troublesome teenage years I always thought my aunt would be there for me. Now I find myself slowly seperating her from my life. I look at her now and can see the look of disappointment in her eyes that she tries to hide. I can see that she has her own problems to deal with and that mine are trivial in comparison. I realize that there is a very thin line between being an adult and a friend but believe me when I thought I'd never see the day when me and my aunt grew apart. I know she thinks I'm young and there are plenty of other boys out there but I loved Jp and her disppointment when I say if he ever needed me I'd be there hurt me. Ya we ended terribly but we went through two years together. I would be lieing if I said I no longer cared about him. She doesn't get it. She doesn't even have to say it...I've known her long enough to see it on her face.

<3 Yours Truely, Purple Smurf <3

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