The Making Of Pretty Girl

I always sign every post with Pretty Girl because it is meant for a certain someone who helped me write this...his part is bolded at the end.
Pretty Girl - Written by A.D.C. and Pretty Boy
Pretty girl who has no friends,
Pretty girl who says this will never end,
Pretty girl who’s pain is too deep,
Pretty girl who cries herself to sleep,
Step by step, to the ledge she walks,
Tear by tear; falls…as she mutters don’t stop,
She tilted her head up towards the sky,
Letting the Angels above see her pain stricken eyes,
Pretty girl life never gave you a break,
Pretty girl your heart was his to take,
Pretty girl love you he does not,
Pretty girl weren’t you ever taught?
Watch them as they pass you by,
Never once asking if you’re okay,
All of them wanting you tonight,
Closing your eyes you begin to prey,
Pretty girl don’t give up yet,
Pretty girl don’t let the devil win the bet,
Pretty girl don’t give up hope,
Pretty girl we will soon elope,
As the days go by and we grow old,
The secrets of our past will unfold,
‘Til the end I will be yours,
Your one and only Pretty Boy.
Sometime I sign my post as Purple Smurf because it's my alias for my blog but it's kinda point less if you know who I am and who I'm talking about. Awell I like it.

<3 Yours Truely, Purple Smurf <3

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