WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! No More Miss Nice Girl Ima Bout To Flip Shit On his 2in. D*ck!!!!!

That SOB f*cking cheated on me when we were together!!!! For two f*cking years!!!!! I knew it too I could just feel it and I still believed him!!!!!!! That stupid f*cking idiot! You know what mother f*cker I am so done with your @$$! I don't even want to be f*cking friends no more! You can waste your life with your stupid little friends that will ditch your @$$ but my friends are true b*tch!! They'll stay by my side no matter what just like how I'll be there for them!!! OH and I'M the charity case? MY @$$! Your a f*cking a charity case! I am done with your lieing cheating man-whore slut-f*cking @$$!
Bradley...I Love You Babe. I hope you know that. You need to quit thinking I'm always going to be mad about your decisions, cause I'm not mad babe. Your really sweet and in a weird way I know you care about me. I hope we're friends for a long time because I would be the only normal person without you ;) I like your girlfriend even if she hates me. I think you make a cute couple but your still young babe, don't let her hold ya back. I made my mistake and I hope you don't make the same one. Don't ever let go of your friends honey cause in the end they'll be all you got. I know you miss your dad baby and I honestly think he would be laughing his ass off at you. :) I wish I could rewind time and take all your pain away. I'll do my best with what I got until I can though ;) boobs and ass lmao!  I think your so sexy and no matter what you say I HAVE PERFECT VISION!!!! My first words when I saw you...DAAAAMN!!! Lol. Don't get a serious girlfriend until your at least a senior babe, have fun but don't direspect the ladies.
Jordan...Damn...what can I say about you? LOL. I love your crazy ass so much. You been with me through some fucking bad shit and I take your words to heart. You were there for me when I was so depressed with Jp, you helped me break away from his ass and see how he treated me like shit. You were there when I completly broke down over him and cried my heart out. You know me better than anyone else, better than I do sometimes, and I hope you know that I would do anything for you. I owe you so much hun. Your so amazing, I know I can always count on you. Your so strong physically and emotionally. I look up to you and just wonder how I was so lucky to have you in my life. I love you. I hope you find that perfect girl that will be yours forever and have you trippin head over heels to please her! lol maybe it'll be me ;)
It hurts so much to have your worst fear at one point in time confirmed. You know what Jp? I hope you find a girl perfect for you. I hope you will live  happily ever after even if you hurt me and broke my heart. At least I broke up with you before I did anything with another guy. At least I didn't lie to your face about never cheating on you. I told you the truth and always have. Im completly in love you and you took a big piece of my heart but I'm healing. I have people who love me and care about and I feel the same for them. There true friends. The kind you'll never have if you stay on the path your on. I'm sorry you couldn't be faithful. I'm sorry you felt the need to hold my mistakes above my head and make me feel so guilty when really you were the unfaithful one who lied and cheated. I'm sorry that your so pathetic you had to degrade me to make yourself feel better. I lost myself when I was with you but Im finally back on my feet and realise how stupid I was with you. I let my love for you blind me from the truth. I'll always love you but I will never forgive you.

I look at my pictures on the wall and realise you aren't the same. You changed and I hate you for it. I remember how in love we were but god only knows how many girls you made out with or fucked at those parties or just hanging out. But I'm done. I have too many friends who love me the way I am to waste anymore time on you.

<3 Yours Truely, Purple Smurf and Pretty Girl <3

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