Really Bummed....and Humiliated

So I applied for a job at Chuck E Cheese and got an interview...Then they told me to come back the next day speak with Terri? at 4:30 So I went back and was a little early so I waited til 4:20 and walked in. I asked to speak to Terri and their like "Shes in a conference why did you need to talk to her?" and I replied "I had a 4:30 appointment to see her today." Then their like "Well she's interviewing another girl." I asked if I should wait and they said no just leave your name and number and she'll call you. So I left and I still haven't gotten a call from her. :( I was really hoping I got the job but apparently I didn't.
Yesterday I was completely humiliated...I hid under my blankets for the rest of the day because I was so embarressed.... I thought Bradley was a really good friend of mine...I thought he actually gave a shit about what I felt but I guess not. He called and asked if I wanted to come over. Then stupid me believed we were just hanging out or something...I didn't think he wanted anything. I didn't even realize it until after I was already in the house and chatting with him. I walked straight to his room and said Hi to Trevor ,who is one of our friends, he was playing video games and I was watching from the door. Then Bradley asked me to come here and he closed the door and then we were kissing which isn't surprising cause we always kiss and I was like wow I think he missed me. I asked him what he wanted being completely niave and stupid at this point and he said something along the lines of I think you know. Then it hit me. He called me here to fuck with me. LITERALLY. I was too busy processing that he called me here for sex and not to just hang out that I was surprised when I found myself pushed onto the couch in his living room. He started to undo my pants when I pushed him away saying I don't do this stuff with other people here. Bradley~"You did it with your brother in the house." I looked at him and said I know my brother won't walk in and watch me! He kept kissing me and trying to undo my pants then he said ~"Okay Trevor won't walk in ok? If he does you can kick me in the balls as hard as you want ok?" I looked at him and was like wow he is fucking desperate. Then he did stuff that completely hit my soft spot and next thing I know my pants are at my ankles and Trevor is walking in!!!! I quickly covered myself with my hands and stared at Trevor like a deer in headlights...Bradley walked away from me!!! Like walked away and didn't even care if Trevor saw me without my pants!!!! Trevor was staring at me with a small smirk and I was about to burst into tears so I put my head on my kness when he started apologizing and walking back to Bradley's room. Then I heard Bradley come over and apologize and start to kiss me but I refused to kiss him.  I asked him what I was to him and he said Friends with Benefits. I shook my head no and started to put  my pants on when he says come on I said I was sorry I didn't know he would walk in. I looked at him and I felt like I'd been slapped. He still wanted to do things when I was completely humiliated!!! I told him that I liked it better when we were friends...and stormed out. He din't even try to stop me.  I couldn't drive so I just stopped around the corner and started crying and when the tears stopped I went home and I couldnt stop the sobs coming from me until I was outside my house. He hasn't tried to talk to me since then. Was I really this stupid and thought he was really my friend when all he wanted was some "benefits"?  I thought that he...I thought that he was my friend...Maybe Jp was right...Maybe I am a charity case.
Trevor did call me later to apologize repeatedly.
<3 Yours Truely, Purple Smurf<3

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