Just Another Day...Wait...You Want To Marry Me?

So Haley got me hooked on the Who's Here app. and I've met alot of nice guys on it. And I have to say one of my biggest pet peeves is guys asking me to marry them when they don't even know me or the shit that I've gone through. Its an instant piss me off button. Jeez I don't want to marry you if I've never met you.

Helpful tips to wanna be boyfriends....

I hate it when guys can't tell when I'm angry or getting angry at them.

I hate when guys bring you to hang out with their friends and they ignore you.

I hate when guys criticize my sense of fashion.

I hate when they want to hang up the phone after just a minute of conversation.

I hate when guys make fun of me in front of others.

I hate when they criticize my make up skills.

I hate guys that ogle at other girls in my presence.

I hate when guys talk to any of your exs or their are more texts from other girls then between you and I.

I hate when you compare me to other girls.

I hate when you have no life ambition.

I hate when you flirt and other people tell me how much you flirt.

I hate when your breaking every promise you made.

I hate when you don't listen to what I have to say.

I hate when your arrogent.

I hate when you have pictures of other girls in your phone that I don't even know.

I hate it when you know I'm jealous or I tell you I'm jealous and you just act like it's nothing when it's obviously something.

I hate when we make plans and you "nicely" break them and then come later I find out you were with your friends.

I hate it when you lie to my face and I have to walk around geetting  pity looks because everyone else knows the truth and I chose to believe you.

I hate when a guy...promises you forever and then...walks away...
I want to apologise to Nick but I don't know why. I feel like maybe this was kinda all my fault. I think I lead him on and didn't care. I mean I would NEVER EVER sleep with him. My bestfriends all know that in their hearts and the one person who really mattered didn't. I teased. I flirted. I joked. Sue me for liking the attention I was getting, but I will deny the constant rumor that I wanted to sleep with him. I didn't. Yes I know I was stupid and let the jokes go way too far but I did not have a boyfriend. Can you hear me JP? I was not dating you. So therefore I can flirt with who ever the hell I want. But don't you dare try and accuse me of sleeping with him. I might be a bitch but I woud never sleep with one of your friends...and how can you call him a friend anyway? He's a f*cking d*ck with a capital D! I think what I'm trying to figure out is why I would want to apologize to this D*ck in the first place. I'm so hurt everyday when people ask "Did you really want to sleep with Nick?" because the truth is I didn't but I don't care what they think, I don't care what they say....In the end I lost everything that really mattered to me. I lost my friends. I lost my dignity. I lost my love. I lost everything. They only thing I ever wanted back though was him. The one who didn't believe in me. The one who wouldn't give me one more chance. The one who finally walked away. And here I am wanting to apologize to the one who caused it.

Even after all this...I still have friends to be honest I have some f*cking awesome friends. Haley is my nember one so far. Bradley is iffy at the moment he is MIA. YOU NEED TO TEXT ME BRADLEY!!! Jordan has always been there. Brooke left me to go to Italy but who could blame her...hot guys, gorgeous view...I'm jealous. Macie could have been a fun summer friend but she is stuck on vacation with her mom...again with the vacations...Im jealous. Shay is...undetermined. Needless to say I have lots of peeps, but I miss hanging out with my old friends too.

<3 Yours Truely, Purple Smurf <3

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