Him Again

MINE written by Pretty Girl

Far away beyond my reach
He walks around as their prey
How long til I feel the breach
Til I feel our love be forgotten and fade
His walls are cracking and won’t hold long
My fear is growing and digging deep
I can’t lose control I must hold on
Rethinking I stop and breath
No one said we’d be together forever
No one said he would always be mine
I even said without him I was better
Was I wrong…Was I just being blind
I’m not letting him go
The hurt you’ll experience if you try
Will be so powerful and it’ll grow
You’ll ask for me to let you die
But not til you’ve learned your lesson
Not til you understand why
There will be no room for guessing
You must know he is MINE
Without him I am better
But with him…I am my best.

<3 Yours Truely, Pretty Girl <3

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