My Life Rocks Right About Now Except For The Asshole That Keeps Popping Up

So I met an awesome sexy guy named...pause for dramatic affect...BRENDON!!!! Im sorry boys but I gotta admit this soccer boys body has me trippin over my own feet lol!!! He is amazingly sweet too!!!
Him:Baby are you up?
Me:Yes why r u still up?
Him:I can't sleep :(
Me:Ha neither can I :)
Me:Why can't u sleep?
Him:I can't stop thinking about you
Me:Hopefully good thoughts?
Him:They are(:
Me:Well why are you thinking of me so much babe? :)
Me:LAFS? What?
Him:Love @ 1st site lol
OMG he is so sweet!!!!!! I love him! And omg...his body is *sigh* psh boys you wish you had it! He is so honest and to all them country nit wits that are treating him like dirt Ima tear your skinny white asses to pieces if you hurt my boy!! He is always making me smile too!!! He thinks Im beautiful hehe...and he is from Guatamala...I wonder if they have good food there lol what? Im hungry... Anyways! He plays soccer and is totally the best player on the team lol or at least I think so. I don't really care what yall think so shut it. Damn...I think I just met my dream hottie *sigh. Love you Bren. :) Don't let them stuck up snot nose bitches get you down babe! Their just jealous cause they can't look as good as you :) Just tell me and I'll add them to my kick-ass-list LMAO Sweet dreams baby I'll talk to you soon Mwah!
Haley Haley Haley-----Yes I'm okay I really don't want to talk about it really. Jp has been with alot of girls apparently but I don't care ok? I'm fine. It just hurts a little bit and I just want to run away from everything that reminds me of him. I'm tired of hearing about all the different girls he did things for and how he paid for them to do stuff like going to movies and stuff, I can't help but think that could of been me ya know? I should be there with him laughing and having fun. But I know that will never happen. He probably would of never invited me anyways. I wished so much was different between us. I miss him so much Haley. I wish everyone would just shut up and quit talking about him. Im done trying to pretend it doesn't hurt because honestly it hurts like shit. :( I don't want to hear about the girls he's been with. I don't want to hear how much of an asshole he was. I just want silence. Will I ever get that? Probably not. I think you are the only person I can handle talking about him with. I miss you Haley and I'm sorry I haven't been talking to you. I just feel like disappearing for a bit.
BTW Girl you are the most amazing friend in the world!!! I know you'll always have my back and be there whenever I need you no matter what :) I know you will be completly honest with me and never lie to me I hope you find your perfect sexy man soon LOL Although I will have to run a few test to make sure he treats you right ;) I hope you have a blast when you go to church camp!!! Im going to miss you while your gone :( Your so beautiful too girl don't let any idiot tell you otherwise and although your fashion statement is really...unique? lol I love it and don't forget I'll always be here if you ever need me girl

<3 Yours Truely, Purple Smurf <3

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